Asute arhiveeritud lehel. Mine värske Arvamusfestivali lehele.

The Festival of Opinion Culture brought together over 4000 people

The last discussion of the festival has already started, on the stage are speaking up the heads of the parliamentary parties. During the two days of the festival there were over 4000 visitors, the discussions were passionate and the topics of the discussions were wall-to-wall. The next Festival of Opinion Culture will take place in

Festival with a tractable atmosphere

“Open Estonia Foundation (AEF) supports The Festival of Opinion Culture because this festival is important for evolving opinion

The Festival of Opinion Culture – Summer days of Estonia

“The Festival of Opinion Culture is just like the summer days of Estonia where the burden is diversity of opinions and merry vacationers are people who want to have copious exchange of views,” says the mayor of Paide Priit Värk. “Second year in a row hundreds of Estonians are discussing about our past, present and

Mall Hellam: We support initiatives that will make society more open

One of the major sponsors of the Festival of Opinion Culture, the Open Estonia Foundation (OEF), gave us an unexpected gift this year: we applied for 13,000 euros financing and received 15,000 euros instead. Of course, this made the organising team overjoyed and we were deeply moved. Mall Hellam, the head of the OEF, told

Over 150 comprehensive discussions on the programme of the second Festival of Opinion Culture

The Festival of Opinion Culture will offer participants more than 150 different discussions about the present and future