Asute arhiveeritud lehel. Mine värske Arvamusfestivali lehele.

Frequently asked questions

Will there be any discussions in Russian or English?
There are speeches in English and even more in Russian registered, but opinions can be presented and questions can be asked in Russian or English also at the debates held in Estonian language. In addition, there will be an open microphone available that anyone can use to express their view on any topic, in any language.

How can I register to speak in the open microphone area and where can I see which speakers have registered

You can register on our web page up to 14 August. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail stating the time of your speech. From 15 August, you can only register through the information desk. To do that, please send your name, contact details and the topic you would like to speak on to If there are places available, you can also register on the day.

What should I take with me to the Festival of Opinion Culture?

We recommend that you take your friends and family along and bring a picnic blanket, some cash and, naturally, a good mood. Warm clothes are also useful, just in case, as are umbrellas and raincoats.

Are pets allowed on to the festival grounds?

Yes! The festival is open for everyone!